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Well Prepared for Kindergarten

We have been so thankful for ELDC caring for and teaching our two kids over the past five years. Our kids have loved the teachers and the experiences they have every day. Our oldest was very well prepared for Kindergarten this year, not just academically (reading, scientific curiosity, math concepts), but also socio-emotionally (empathy, working as a team with other children, knowing and sharing his own emotions). 

-Grant and Jeneé Twitchell


Wonderful Staff

We had two children go through ELDC at this location. We had a very positive experience. The staff was professional, caring, organized. Both children had a hard time leaving home initially, and the ELDC staff was patient, understanding, and helpful. Soon, both children acclimated and did well during the remainder of their time at ELDC. Our oldest child is now in K-12 public school and it felt that ELDC prepared our child well academically for kindergarten.

- Evan Hatch


Whole Child Development

We have loved our experience at ELDC. Our daughter, Elizabeth, has been there since she was one and she has had a special bond with each teacher she has worked with. ELDC teachers are creative, compassionate, and intentional about developing the whole child. Elizabeth has not only learned developmental skills, but she's learned how to be a great friend. I've loved watching her grow in how she interacts with new and old friends. She's always applying skills that she's learned at school at home. ELDC is also an intentional community, and we feel blessed to get to have relationships with the staff and families. We can't imagine having Elizabeth anywhere else! It has been a great fit for us. 


- Amanda and Chris Roenicke 


Can't Recommend Enough

ELDC has been absolutely wonderful for my son, who has been with them for the last three years. He joined ELDC at the age of one, and has learned and grown so much with them. There has been solid curricula from the very beginning, and it shows. He loves his friends, and teachers, and often comes home with great stories about the day’s lessons and adventures. There is such clear attention towards teaching the children in not just educational aspects, but interpersonal behaviors and respect. The social and emotional development nurturing that ELDC emphasizes is so evident in who he is as he grows, and always with consideration of who he is as a person. 

The proactive communication and interaction with parents brings a lot of connection to the daily activities of my son when I can’t be with him. I love seeing pictures and reports of his day. During the course of the pandemic, ELDC has always prioritized health and the children. Their ongoing rigorous vigilance to protective measures and quarantine has been incredibly comforting during these scary times - they are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe. 
I cannot recommend or thank ELDC enough for all that they do!

- Erin Davis


Kind and Caring Community

Enough cannot be said about how much we love and appreciate ELDC! We are so grateful to have found a supportive, caring community and family in ELDC. We have been part of the ELDC family for the past 4 years, with both of our daughters now enrolled as a Dingo and a Kangaroo! From the teachers to the director to the caring chef, there is a lot of thought and consideration that is put forth regarding the care, health/well-being, development and safety of the children at the center. 


The past year has presented a lot of challenges re: health and safety with the pandemic. Patrick and the teachers have done their very best to provide transparency and communication. By doing so,  we were able to have better peace of mind, knowing that our kids' and teachers' health and safety were top-of-mind for ELDC leadership.


It's been fun to see our girls develop each year and with a new set of teachers. Each class provides a fun environment for our kids to grow and thrive in as well as an engaging and exciting curriculum -- our kids come home everyday talking about the new and exciting thing they just learned or did that day! 

- Ben and Liya Warren


Fun and Unique Learning Opportunities

ELDC has been a fantastic addition to our two kiddos' lives. Childcare decisions can be so challenging, but we've always felt that ELDC has been the best option for our kids. It's way more than just childcare - in fact, our kids happily refer to it as "school." Our two year old asks enthusiastically most days whether it's a school day and occasionally requests to go back again in the evening well after the day has ended.  


The kids are given fun and unique learning opportunities, support for their own development, a safe environment (even considering COVID), and a built-in social environment that helps them to thrive. We can tell from talking with the teachers that they really see our kids as individuals with their own individual personalities and needs. We're so thankful that ELDC is here to support us and our kids! 

- Will Kruse and Joanna Hingle

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