Greenwood Staff

Lead Teacher, Koalas

Nancy joined ELDC in 2019. She is currently pursuing her degree in Elementary Education. Besides babysitting her cousins and friends Nancy volunteered at the Washoe School District and worked at the Boys and Girls club. 


Lead Teacher, Koalas

Kalli started working at ELDC in August 2020. In high school she took four years of child development where she observed in the different preschools in her hometown. She worked at the Learning Garden in Powell, WY for one year before moving to Seattle. Kalli also toured a K-12 school while in Costa Rica for two weeks.

Byanu (2).JPG

Lead Teacher, Kangaroos

Byanu joined ELDC in May 2020. She has a BAS in Early Childhood Education from North Seattle College. She has been a teacher for over 17 years, working mainly with infants to two year olds. 


Lead Teacher, Kangaroos

Andrea began working at ELDC in April 2021. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru where she was in the hospitality industry for 10 years. She and her husband moved to Seattle from New Orleans and is now pursuing her passion as a caretaker and excited to work with young children.

Isabella (2).jpg

Lead Teacher, Kookaburras

Isabella has been at ELDC since 2017 and has her state certificate in ECE. She is on track for her AA in ECE by the end of 2021. Isabella has also worked as a nanny to some children in her neighborhood. 


Lead Teacher, Kookaburras

​Jackie began teaching at ELDC in May 2020. She earned an Associate Degree from North Seattle College, with a focus on math and science. In the past she babysat and taught at vacation bible school. 


Lead Teacher, Wombats

Demi started with ELDC in October 2015. Her early childhood education began in high school and an internship program working in kindergarten and 2nd grade classrooms. She is currently in the Bachelor's program for ECE at North Seattle College.


Lead Teacher, Wombats

Victoria started working at ELDC in January 2020. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Her experience includes working with children of various ages.

Chey (2).jpg

Lead Teacher, Dingos

Chey began at ELDC in July 2021. He graduated with a BA in English as well as a general AA. Having worked mainly in the food industry, he was inspired by his father, who was a paraeducator, to work with children. He has volunteered at charities and is a writer and a musician.


Assistant Teacher

Maggie started at ELDC in August 2021. She attended Western Washington University and graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies. She has been working with children (grades K-3rd) as a day camp director at Camp Kirby and Camp Fire Samish in Bellingham, WA. 


Assistant Teacher

Torin began at ELDC in August 2021. He has a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington. His inspiration to pursue ECE came from some of his classes and from his girlfriend who works at Seattle Public Schools. Torin loves to cook, camp, and watching silent movies. He also spends time riding his bike and has done the Seattle to Portland bike ride 3 times.


Assistant Teacher

Tayonna has worked at ELDC since November 2021. She has worked in the childcare industry for nearly 10 years with a wide age range of children from infants to 14 years old. Tay enjoys doing make-up, hair, nails and going shopping. She is a beauty influencer and owns a cosmetics business.


Assistant Teacher

Hajira has worked at ELDC since October 2021. She was born in Kenya and raised in Seattle. She has 13 siblings so there was always someone to babysit. Over time, it became a passion she wanted to pursue. Hajira has experience as a learning coach and is currently taking ECE classes at North Seattle College.


Assistant Teacher

Kaya started at ELDC in November 2021. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in Communication Disorders and Ethnic Studies. She wishes to get her Masters in Speech Pathology and work overseas with children with hearing impairments. She is originally from Portland, OR, but has lived in Phuket, Thailand for 15 years.


Assistant Teacher

Lauren has worked at ELDC since November 2021. She graduated from UW with Bachelors in Environmental Science and Resource Management. Lauren helped raise her two, elementary-aged nieces, as well as help take care of young dancers at the British Dancing Academy in Kent, WA.

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Assistant Teacher

Safa began at ELDC in December 2021. She has years of experience working in Sudan with children ages 12 months to 13. When she moved to Seattle 12 years ago, she taught the Arabic language to English-speaking children. She is currently taking ECE classes at North Seattle College and hopes to one day open her own daycare.

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Assistant Teacher

Sami began at ELDC in December 2021 moved to the US from Ecuador around the beginning of 2020. In Ecuador, she was an dancer, actor, and a model. He true passion is teaching and would like to continue her education and earn her AA in ECE.


Center Cook

Glorie has been at ELDC since 2000. She has worked in every classroom in several positions, including being a lead teacher. She has an AAS from NSCC. Glorie has worked in the ELDC kitchen before, cooking up some yummy meals for the children.