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The EARLY LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT CENTER is a private, not-for-profit preschool and child care center. Our Greenwood Center first opened in August of 1981. With the success of the Greenwood Center and the growing need for high quality, nurturing child care and early education in the Seattle area, President Ian Hyde opened the Broadview Center in 1992. 

Ever since, parents have enjoyed ELDC's exceptional programs which provide a safe and nuturing environment while promoting the development of their children.

Our Mission

  1. To encourage each child's self-esteem, curiosity, spontaneous energy, and inventiveness from which a lifestyle of positive learning habits can develop.

  2. ​​To provide a developmentally appropriate based program which will meet the child's emotional, intellectual, and health needs, as well as providing for their physical care.

  3. To recognize the individuality of each child and to foster the child's growth to their full potential understanding that they are also part of the larger community.

  4. To share with families the responsibility for promoting sound learning and development in a period when growth is rapid and significant.

  5. To be a leader in high quality childcare in the greater Seattle area. We are not affiliated with any religious or other organization.

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